Program Book 2002-2003 page 08

emphasis on composition. She left music in a formal sense after graduation,
married, got her Masters in Education and became an elementary school
teacher. Later, as a stay-at-home mom in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, she
started writing children's books. To date, she has had ten published - picture
books, for which she writes the text, and middle grade novels. In 1997, after
having spent years doing other things, she felt impelled to return to her
musical roots. She began studying with composer Paul Salerni at Lehigh
University who, along with other music faculty, cheered her on. In addition
to works for saxophone, she has composed pieces for flute, clarinet, piano,
strings and percussion. Connecting her literary life with her musical life, she
has also set some of her poems to music.

"Tastifully Yours offers a musical taste of appealing foods that provoke
emotional responses as well as provide nourishment and refreshment. Our
Daily Bread has a spiritual quality, bringing to mind basic truths. Simmering
Soup is full of comfort and happiness. Mint Iced Tea is a peaceful pause in a
busy day with 'minty' harmonies. Stir Fry, imitates the chopping of ingredi-
ents and ends with the feeling that a new entity has been created. Of course,
this is just the thought process I used in composing. Most of all, the music
must please our ears and psyche, not our taste buds."

Amherst Saxophone Quartet Program Book 2002-03 Concert I program notes