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FRANCIS POULENC (1899-1962) was one of the most multi-faceted and most loved members of Les Six, the French composer group of the 1920's. In 1935, he composed the music to Edouard Bourdet's play La Reine Margot, about Margot de Valois, wife of the man who in 1594 was crowned King Henri IV of France. To create the correct period ambience, Poulenc turned to a collection of dances by Claude Gervaise, a composer and violinist of Margot's time. Poulenc orchestrated and reworked these dances for a mixed wind ensemble with percussion and harpsichord in such a personal way that they took on the composer's own unmistakable character. Noted Swedish composer Jonas Forssell (b. 1957) arranged Suite Francaise for saxophone quartet in 1991.

ANDREW STILLER (b. 1946, Washington, D.C.) studied with Lejaren Hiller and Morton Feldman at the University at Buffalo. In the 1970's he was a member of Lukas Foss' Center of the Creative and Performing Arts, performing his own and other avant-garde works at Carnegie Hall, in Buffalo, and on tour. Stiller's writings on musical topics have appeared in Opus, Musical America, Musical Quarterly, and the New Grove Dictionary of Opera. His Chamber Symphony, composed for the ASQ, adheres strictly to forms common in Haydn's and Beethoven's day to comment on both the classical style and the music of today. Mayn Rue Plats, the second movement, is a beautiful slow evolving melody.

STEPHEN PARISI (b. 1955) was born in Buffalo to music loving parents who started him on piano at the age of seven. By the time he was 10 he had already written over 50 compositions. His passion for music and ambition to become a composer led him to the University at Buffalo on a full Fine Arts Scholarship. He studied piano with Yvar Mikhashoff and composition with Leo Smit and obtained a Masters of Fine Arts in Music degree. He has written numerous works for the Amherst Saxophone Quartet. Two movements of his Saxophone Quartet No.1 were performed by the ASQ at Carnegie Hall in 1982. His music is characterized by facility, heartfelt melodies, syncopated rhythms, counterpoint, and lush jazz harmonies.

DAVID SIPOS (b. 1943) is a piano tuner, free-lance copywriter, composer and lyricist. He has written several jingles for Fisher-Price, Mattel and Tyco. Many of his children's songs are performed at Buffalo area schools. His children's musical, The Boy from Planet Yes, is currently in workshop. A palindrome reads the same backward as forward. The A minor scale in its purest (Aeolian) form is a palindrome when read to the top and back. Evade Dave explores this aspect of diatonic music. The piece is structured so the second half is the mirrored image of the first, thereby reading the same backward and forward. The original title of the piece was Scalindrome, but the composer writes, "I actually thought of calling this piece Evade Dave which, of course, is a palindrome, but I thought it might be too silly. Besides, I was worried that too many people might take it as a suggestion."

RUTH Y. RADIN was born in 1938 in Hartford, Connecticut. She studied piano growing up and at Connecticut College majored in music, with an
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