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wrote Phantom Melos for the Amherst Saxophone Quartet in celebration of the
centennial of the City of Buffalo 1882-1982.

ANITA (A.D.) PERRY has always been fascinated with sound and as a child spent countless hours listening to her grandfather'S 78s of symphonic music. She studied piano and composition at the University of British Columbia. She has won several awards for her compositions and her works have been performed in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. While her fascination with sound has never decreased, A. D. prefers not to write" avant-garde" music, but rather that which honestly expresses and communicates emotion.

"Quartet for Four Saxophones in the Classical Style was written after hearing a local saxophone quartet in concert. I was impressed with the homogeneity of sound a saxophone quartet could produce as well as the variety of colour and expression inherent in the instruments. The first movement is more or less strictly classical, using sonata allegro form and traditional tonality. The second movement is a typical Adagio (where I allow myself to get all romantic and mushy), but rather impressionistic in flavour. The third movement, Scherzo, is a real joke (I take my scherzi very seriously). The fourth movement, Rondo, is an energetic jig-like finish. Thus, the overall form is that of a classical string quartet, but with the contemporary twist of a few unusual harmonies and of course, the incomparable sound of saxophones."

DAVIDE ZANNONI was born in Spoleto, Italy. He started his career as a jazz drummer, subsequently joining the Maggio Fiorentino Orchestra, under the direction of Zubin Mehta in Florence, Italy as a percussionist. He also received a Ph.D. in Humanities from the University of Bologna. After studying composition and piano privately in Italy, he accepted a scholarship from Queens College, where he studied with Thea Musgrave and received his M.A.

Dr. Zannoni has written several solo, vocal, chamber and orchestral works. He has received various commissions from different performers and organizations such as the New York Festival of Song, The Downtown Chamber Players, The Darkwood Consort, and Tetraktis Percussion Quartet. Some of his works have been recorded by Federico Poll and Ivano Ascari on the CMT and AZ labels. His works have been choreographed in Italy and the US. by such groups as Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, and he wrote the music for "Where Did Forever Go", the award-winning documentary on Alzheimer's disease. His music is regularly performed in the U.S., Italy and abroad, most recently in Canada, Israel, Brasil, Australia, Japan and England.

Making The Frozen Serpent Dance, for saxophone quartet, was written with the intent to pay an affectionate tribute to some of the music that played an important role in my artistic evolution. In addition to the presence of harmonies and scales typical of jazz, something not unusual in my music, the work presents references to musical worlds often rather distant from each other, especially in the final movement. The title comes from a poem by Robert Lowell." The work is structured in three movements:

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