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Welcome to Our Buffalo Concert Series

Welcome to the 2000-2001 concert series here in our home town — at UB's Slee Hall, Westminster Presbyterian Church, and WBFO-FM. This is the eighteenth consecutive year that the ASQ has produced a four-program season, making it the longest running annual series of saxophone quartet concerts in the world.

We are very excited about the programming for the 2000-2001 season. This series is at the very center of the ASQ's activities for the entire year. It is the most public part of our residency at the University at Buffalo, as well as in Erie County and the City of Buffalo. It is the place to hear many of the Quartet's world premieres and experience the thrill of the new, as well as to further explore more familiar works.

This year's four offerings include a tribute to the music of the first great saxophone quartet, France's Marcel Mule Quartet; a set of evenings where the ASQ is joined by the Buffalo Contemporary Dance ensemble; a look at saxophone quartet music composed by Western New York composers; and a set of concerts featuring jazz and gospel inspired music, intriguingly titled Sax Appeal.

In addition to our busy performing schedule, we are building a strong saxophone studio at UB. The program's goal is to bring the best undergraduate and graduate students from around the country to study the art of playing the saxophone. The opportunity to study and coach with members of the ASQ, as well as legendary mentor Ed Yadzinski, is unique. While there are a number of centers such as the Eastman School of Music where fine string players go to study quartet performance and then establish professional chamber music careers, we are proud that UB offers this opportunity to saxophonists.

Please join us on the internet where the ASQ has a comprehensive site that includes lots of music to listen to, the latest news on the quartet, tips for saxophone players, and some surprises.

This is an exciting year for the Amherst Saxophone Quartet and we are gratified that you have joined us for this evening's performance. We invite you to join us for receptions following the concerts at Slee Hall and Westminster Presbyterian Church. Enjoy!

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