Program Book 1999-2000 page 10
Concert I: American Variations Program Notes, continued

always loved playing piano four hands).

Russ Carere's Cantor Scamper is a tribute to a favorite presenter in the Pittsburg area, Owen Cantor. His non-stop, energy and drive is represented in this fast-paced music by Russ's use of double tonging technique. There is a slight pause in the "scampering," since on occasion Owen allowed the ASQ to slow down just long enough for a bowl of soup before the flurry of activity began again! The beautiful melody in Danny Girl represents the slow thoughtful music of ragtime ballads. The inspiration for this charming piece comes from Danielle, a special young lady whose obvious outward beauty radiates, but her inward beauty is truly a special gift.

Frieda and Stephen Manes have been performing piano, four hands music for over 30 years. Their performances in New York City and their concert tours throughout the United States, and Australia, have been received with critical acclaim. They performed the complete Beethoven four hand literature at the Beethoven Festival on Long Island and have recorded these works for Spectrum Records. Their repertoire encompasses the whole spectrum of the four hand literature from the Sonatas of Mozart to works of George Crumb as well as music for two pianos.

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