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Amherst Saxophone Quartet Biographies, continued

monic and the Artpark Orchestra.

Russ is also a busy composer, completing thirteen works for the ASQ,
and has recently released a solo CD of his original light jazz composi-
tions. He is also a visual artist and has had artwork displayed in area art

Russ is married to April Carere, a local music teacher, and together
they operate a private music instruction practice in North Tonawanda.
Their three children, Russ, 17, Justin, 14, and Jill, 10, are enjoying much
success in music also (when they are not playing sports and eating large
quantities of cereal).

Stephen Rosenthal, tenor, is a founding member of the ASQ, and has
spent the majority of his professional career touring and performing with
the Quartet. He studied saxophone with Edward Yadzinski and John
Sedola, and clarinet with James Pyne, receiving a BFA in Music Perfor-
mance from SUNY at Buffalo. Mr. Rosenthal has performed with the
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Steve comes from a family of music lovers and began lessons on the
recorder when he was five. Clarinet lessons followed two years later.
When he was twelve, the tenor saxophone was added to the mix, as his
Junior High School teacher, Rodger Eckers, had started a big band. By
High School, Steve was playing in the Wind Ensemble, School Orchestra,
rock groups and a Dixieland Band.

He was introduced to the saxophone quartet form by Ed Yadzinski
while at the University at Buffalo. After two years of playing in student
quartets, Steve knew that this was the full-time career he wanted to

Steve does much of the administrative work for the ASQ, and also
serves on the national boards of Chamber Music America and the
American Composers Forum, and has been a panelist for the National
Endowment for the Arts. He teaches a course in "The Business of Cham-
ber Music for Chamber Musicians" at the University at Buffalo.

When not playing music, Steve has several key interests. He became
fascinated with video and produced the Quartet's video, ASQKids,
among others. He has done much of the ASQ's graphic design over the
past three years, and works with 3D Animation. The cover of the 1998-99
program book is an example of his work. He is also an instrument rated
airplane pilot.

Steve is married to Cara Rosenthal, the executive director of The
Fund for Education in Greater Buffa/o, a non profit organization involved
in improving the quality of public education in Western New York. They
have a three year old son, Max.

Harry Fackelman, baritone, is a founding member of the ASQ. He
studied saxophone with Edward Yadzinski and clarinet with Allen Sigel.
He received a BFA in Music Education from SUNY at Buffalo. Mr.
Fackelman has performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and
the Boston Symphony Orchestra in both pops and orchestral settings.

At the age of seven, a clarinet suddenly appeared in the Fackelman
house and Harry began taking music lessons. At the age of ten, he
joined a small combo that made a guest appearance at the wedding
of his early mentor, Richard Sowinski. Two years later, he added the
saxophone to his studies. Ironically, an early highlight in his musical

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