Program Book 1998-1999 page 03
Welcome to our 21st Anniversary Season

This past year has been a pivotal time for the
Amherst Saxophone Quartet. We bid adieu to a great
friend and welcome a new voice to the ensemble.

Eleanor V. Millonzi was the President of our Board for
more than a decade. Through her vision and leader-
ship, we grew from a fledgling ensemble to one of the
pre-eminent quartets of its kind in the world. Her gentle
touch and commitment to excellence have always
been an inspiration to us. We respectfully and lovingly
dedicate the 1998-99 concert season to her, as we seek
to keep her spirit with us.

We are pleased to present you with our new
soprano saxophonist. Susan Fancher has performed
extensively both as a chamber musician and soloist,
touring in Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt,
France, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, South
Africa, Sweden, and the USA. For the past six years she
has been the soprano saxophonist for the Vienna (Aus-
tria) Saxophone Quartet. Before that, Susan played
soprano for the Swedish quartet, Rollin' Phones. While
she has solid international credentials, this move is
actually her return home - Susan grew up in Albion,
New York. As a high school student in 1978, she remem-
bers a performance at her school by a young chamber
music ensemble, the Amherst Saxophone Quartet.

Our residency at the University at Buffalo, and in
Western New York is at the very core of what we do as
a chamber ensemble. We have prepared a set of
programs that we trust you will find substantial, chal-
lenging, varied, and satisfying. Please enjoy!

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