Program Book 1997-1998 page 23
Concert IV Program Notes

Robert Mols writes: Having written dance band arrangements as a saxophonist- clarinetist during my early professional career, I was truly excited when asked by the ASQ to write a concert piece. Knowing each of the players personally, their exceptional skills and musicianship, and their great ensemble, I knew what sort of piece I wanted to compose-lyric, expressive, partially jazzy, innovative, and with some special effects and blends. All of these elements were to be linked or 'chained' together to form one continuous through-composed movement in three basic sections-hence, ENCHAINMENT.

David Stock composed Sax Appeal for the ASQ in 1990. The commission was conceived by Owen Cantor, the wonderful concert impresario from Pittsburgh, and funded by the Pennsylvania State Council on the Arts. Mr. Stock has a reputation for both composing serious and delightful music, and giving it whimsical names. Sax Appeal is a big work, and another example of a piece written for the ASQ that has made it into the category of 'Standard Repertory' for sax quartets across the country.

Nils Vigeland writes "Nine Waltzes and an Ecossaise is very much a piece about Schubert. There are in fact clear "remembrances" of his short dances throughout. No satire is intended. The pieces are affectionate tributes." This work is the third that Mr. Vi gel and has written for the ASQ, the others are an octet for string quartet and saxophone quartet, Classical Music (1985), and Ives Music Two (1991), composed for the ASQ and the Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble.

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