Program Book 1989-1990 page 06
Garbage Delight Libretto page

1. The Aminals

(In a whining. frightened. childish voiceJ
At night
the aminals go marching
Round and round the room.
There's Bigfoot and McGonigle
and Hannah V. Va-room.
And round they march and round
they march
And halt and say, "Beware!"
And all of them are friends of mine
So none of them are scared.
Now, Bigfoot's kind of squishable,
The softy of them all;
McGonigle is silly cause he likes to
climb the wall;
And Hannah's pretty big I guess,
She's maybe six or twelve,
And All of them have shadows that go
Marching by themselves.
And ev'ry shadow makes another
Shadow right behind.
They're marching on the tabletop.
They're marching up the blind.
And ev'ry time they meet they seem to
All get in the way
A nd so they all
"Beware," and then
They march the other way.
Round and round the anunals
are marching round my room.
There's Bigfoot, and McGonigle,
And Hannah V. Va-room,
Their shadows,
and their shadows' Shadows,
more and more and more,
Marching like the Mounties
round and round the bedroom floor.

2. Suzy Grew A Moustache

Suzy grew a moustache,
A moustache a moustache
Suzy grew a moustache
And Polly grew a beard.
Suzy looked peculiar
Peculiar, Peculiar.
Suzy looked peculiar
And Polly looked wierd.
Suzy got the garden shears,
Garden shears, The Garden shears
Suzy got the garden shears,
And Polly got a bomb.
Now Suzy's face is smooth again,
Smooth again, Smooth again
Now Suzy's face is smooth again,
And Polly's face
is gone.

3. The Big Blue Frog and The Dirty Yellow Dog

(With a smoky, jazz voice)
Then the big blue frog
And the dirty flannel dog
Said, "It's time to go to sea
On the good ship Hollow Log."
First they sailed to Saskatoon,
Where they stole the harvest moon
And they strung it as a headlight on the log.
Then they hitched their pants
And they sailed away for France,
Roaring "Pour a pint 0' grog!"
As the waves began to dance.
But the North Wind with its spray
Blew them miles and miles away
And it smothered up the moon in mist and fog.
As they lay upon the beach
Sadly panting. each to each,
Deep sea creatures came to sing in a
wet enchanted ring.
And they lit the moon again
And they leaped with might and main
And they hung it in the heavens, glittering.
Then the moon shone bright
All the warm and blessed night
And they tore across the sand
Jigging high in pure delight.
And across the skipping sea
The silver light came washing free,
And they bowed three times to that
majestic sight.
Then the frog said, "Friend, Shall we
sail on to the end,
Sail forever, straight ahead,
Far as light and sea extend?"
But the dog said, "No, Much obliged
- I don't think so."
So they turned around, and paddled
home to bed.

4. The Coming of Teddy Bears

The air is quiet Round my bed
The dark is drowsy In my head.
The sky's forgetting To be red.
A nd soon I'll be asleep.
A half a million Miles away.
The silver stars Come out to play,
And comb their hair And that's OK
A nd soon I'll be asleep.
And teams of fuzzy Teddy bears
Are stumping slowly Up the stairs
To rock me in Their rocking chairs
And soon I'll be asleep.
The night is shining Round my head,
The room is snuggled In my bed.
Tomorrow I'll be Big they said
And soon I'll be asleep.

5. I Eat Kids Yum Yum

A child went out one day,
She only went to play.
A mighty monster came along
And sang its mighty monster song:
The child was not amused.
She stood there and refused.
Then with a skip and a little twirl
She sang the song of a hungry girl:
The monster ran like that!
It didn't stop to chat.
(The child went skipping home again
And ate her brother's model train.)

6. I Have My Father's Eyes
My mother took my hand in hers
And as she did she cried,
"You have my hair and eyebrows
But you have your father's eyes."
I soaked them well in acid
To make them firm and rou nd.
I love to see them wobble
As they roll along the ground.
My uncle on my mother's side
Was speechless in surprise:
"She has my teeth and fingernails
But she has her Father's eyes."
I scrubbed them with a toothbrush
Till they began to gleam.
I can't stand dirty eyeballs.
It makes me want to scream.
An aunt from Athabaska
Said proudly at the table,
"She has my ear, the right one.
I left it here last April."
Then turning to me sharply
She gave a vicious whack
And roared.
You have your Father's eyes.
fur God sake put them back."

7. The Secret Song

I've got a secret
Song I sing
That's secret and special
It's sort of a magical
Whispery Fizz.
As anything
But I'm never quite sure
What the tune part is
So I jump ahead
From the stop at the start
To squeak at the very
Ending part
Which is actually more
Of a whistling and dinning,
And everyone thinks
That it's still the beginning.
And I'm never quite sure
How the words of it go,
But I just leave them out
And they don't even show.
And it always works.
And nobody knows
How my megtcal. secret
Sing song goes.

8. Garbage Delight

Now I'm not the one
To say No to a bun,
And I always can manage some jell)
If somebody gurgles,
"Please eat my harnburglcs."
I try to make room in my belly.
I seem if they scream,
not to gag on ice cream,
And with fudge I can choke down J
But none is enticing
or even worth slicing
Compared with Garbage Delight.
With a nip and a nibble
A drip and a dribble
A dollop. a wollowing bite:
If you want to see grins
All the way to my shins,
Then give me some Garbage Deligh
I'm handy with candy,
I star with a bar.
And I'm known for my butterscotch
I can stare in the eyes
Of a Toffee Surprise
And polish it off with one slurp.
My lick is the longest,
My chomp is the champ
And everyone envies my bite;
But my talents were wasted
Until I had tasted
The wonders of Garbage Delight.
With a nip and a nibble
A dollop, a walloping bite:
If you want to see grins
All the way to my shins,
Then gIve me some garbage delight
Right now.
Please pass me the Garbage Delight.

Amherst Saxophone Quartet Program Book Libretto for Garbage Delight