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A Letter from the Amherst Saxophone Quartet

Welcome to the fourth year of our Fall Concert Series

This is the beginning of the ninth year that the four of us in the ASQ have been working and growing together. During that time, we have come to feel like family, sharing the joys and frustrations that can only come from working together towards a common goal. Our aim has been to become a full time, year-round chamber music ensemble that provides an acceptable living to our families, and to create an artistic base that provides a climate in which we can explore our full potential as musicians.

This year of 1986 has finally provided us with the financial stability that few musical groups can attain. We owe this success to many factors. Our national management team, Siegel Artist Management, has been highly effective in getting bookings across the country. Our Board of Directors is superb. Support from the City of Buffalo, and other local governments, as well as long standing NYSCA and NEA grants have provided a performance base for us in Western New York that will remain, even as touring increases. Now even corporations and local foundations have begun to help in significant ways. Most important, you, our audience, have been wonderful. We are truly made to feel at home.

We are very proud to represent Buffalo and Western New York as we travel throughout the United States. Audiences across this country need to know that Buffalo produces more than great snow storms. The wealth of cultural offerings-from the Albright-Knox, Studio Arena, the Buffalo Bills, and the Buffalo Philharmonic to Kavinoky Theater, QRS, and the Buffalo Chamber Music SOciety-truly make this a major league town.

This year we have chosen a new venue and time for the fall concert series. It is a pleasure to be here at the Historical Society. We look forward to your comments on these changes. We would also like to thank everyone at Canisius College for their hospitality during the first three years of the series.

Now then, looking ahead, highlights of our 1986-87 season include a concert with the Mendelssohn String Quartet at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. on October 21, performances with several symphony orchestras, and over 40 "away games" in all. Along with the travel, we will still play between 50 and 75 concerts at home.

Thank you for joining us today. We hope you enjoy this concert and the reception that follows!

The Amherst Quartet

Amherst Saxophone Quartet Program Book Letter from the ASQ