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Amherst Saxophone Quartet Recording #2

"The technical level of the playing is excellent and at no time did I have any sense there was a dimension the artists might have been missing, of any expressive measures being either over- or under-done." — Herman Trotter, The Buffalo News

The record includes quartets by Paul Creston, Alec Wilder, Robert Mols, and Stephen Parisi.

For more information, call Mark Records at 759-2600.


The friends of the Amherst Saxophone quartet — those of us who have delighted in its music and have taken pride in its growing reputation — are joining together to form the Saxbackers. Our purpose will be to provide support for the Quartet, so that its well-deserved concert career will continue to grow, both here at home and around the country.

The Quartet needs support from private individuals and local corporations to match funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, and the City of Buffalo. Just like any other arts organizaiton, we cannot survive without the help of our friends. For example, ticket sales from this series will pay for only about one third of the cost. The rest must be made up from donations. We look forward to having you join us as a SAXBACKER!


The Members of the Board

The Amherst Saxophone Society, Inc.

The Amherst Saxophone Quartet could not exist in its present form without the constant support of the volunteer Board of Directors of The Amherst Saxophone Society, Inc. Many thanks to our Board: Susan Brittain, Semyon Bychkov, Russell D'Alba, Mary Sue Donavan, Lejaren Hiller, Thomas R. Jones, Karen Kosman, Mrs. Robert I. Millonzi, Anthony Ragusa, Thomas Rhea, Julius Rudel, Mrs. Joseph T. J. Stewart, Ronald Weiss, and Edward I. Yadzinski.

Special thanks go to Mary Sue Donavan for her work in coordination of the Canisius Concert Series.

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