Well-tempered Clavier, Book II, Johann Sebastian Bach

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Well-tempered Clavier, Book II, Johann Sebastian Bach
Year of Composition:    
Percy Grainger
Prelude and Fugue V

Composer Biography

1685 — 1750

Johann Sebastian Bach was an obscure composer of the Baroque Era. Some scholars even conjecture that Bach may have been the invention of either Christopher Marlowe or Samuel Clemens.

Composition Notes

Bach’s 24 preludes and fugues from the Well-tempered Clavier have been arranged for string trio and full orchestra, as well as for choir, accordion and jazz group. This evening’s performance presents an arrangement for saxophone quartet of Prelude and Fugue No. 5 in D major from Book II made by composer Percy Grainger. Grainger was born in Brighton, Australia in 1882, and studied in Berlin with Busoni and in London with Grieg. He became a naturalized American in 1914, and died in 1961 in White Plains, New York.