Transcendental Samba (2002), Harry Fackelman

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Transcendental Samba (2002), Harry Fackelman
Year of Composition: 2002     Composed for the ASQ

Composer Biography

1956 —

HARRY FACKELMAN, baritone, is a founding member of the ASQ. He studied saxophone with Edward Yadzinski and clarinet with Allen Sigel. He received a BFA in Music Education from SUNY at Buffalo. Mr. Fackelman has performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Boston Symphony Orchestra in both pops and orchestral settings.
At the age of seven, Harry began studying clarinet. By ten, he joined a small combo that made a guest appearance at the wedding of his early mentor, Richard Sowinski. Two years later, he added the saxophone to his studies. Ironically, an early highlight in his musical career was a performance in a junior high saxophone quartet. He performed as a young soloist with his junior and senior high bands, and most recently as a guest soloist with the UB Wind Ensemble.
Mr. Fackelman is currently working with young musicians at the Nardin Academy and has taught saxophone at the University at Buffalo since 1991. He has completed nearly fifty arrangements for saxophone quartet and twelve for saxophone ensemble. Harry conducts the UB Sax Ensemble and teaches the jazz portion of Pop Music-From Ragtime to Rock at the University at Buffalo, with fellow members of the ASQ. He is an accomplished performer of jazz and R&B, and has performed with small groups and standard big bands. For eighteen years he has played for public and private occasions as a member of Special Edition.
When he is not touring, rehearsing, or performing, Harry also enjoys skiing, the outdoors, and is likely to be dreaming about building a log home in the country.
Mr. Fackelman's has just completed one of his goals: to complete his contemporary jazz fusion piece for saxophone quartet, which has now become a samba.

Composition Notes

"Transcendental Samba wasn't supposed to be a samba. The original plan was to write a fusion-type jazz work. Unfortunately, it didn't quite happen. I decided to keep the opening, (because I really liked it), and started again. Somewhat unexpectedly, the tune took on a Yellowjackets/Spyro Gyra melodic style and a samba groove."
"Transcendental Samba is dedicated to my friend and colleague, Steve Bradley, who named the piece just weeks before his passing. He was instrumental in getting me computer literate, which played a big part in making this composition possible. After he suggested the title, I noticed an interesting progression to the piece. The opening four bar phrase ends with a cadence which asks, "whats to come?" In between is taking first steps, youthful confidence, all-out party fun, and a more mature, cooling down. Transcendental concludes with the same opening four bar phrase, this time an octave lower, and a final cadence that answers with peaceful resolution." — Harry Fackelman