Tell no more of Enchanted Days (1992), Mark Engebretson

Tell No More of Enchanted Days was written in 1992 for the Vienna Saxophone Quartet. It is in four movements of different forms, all of which together form a single large-scale arc. The first movement is in ABA form, the second in "circular" form (it has a melody, then an improvisation section which repeats ad libitum, then a return to the melody), the third movement was conceived of in the shape of an abstract line drawing, and the fourth is a simple arc. The piece, though not programmatic, was inspired by James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. All manner of techniques playable on the saxophone are employed, from simple melody to quarter-tones and multiphonics (the playing of more than one pitch at a time on a single saxophone). The score incorporates an array of notational techniques, ranging from standard notation to spatial notation. -Mark Engebretson