Saxophone Quartet (1985), Carlo Pinto

Mr. Pinto composed Saxophone Quartet (1985) for the Amherst Saxophone Quartet, at their invitation. He described the work in the following terms: "The work is intended for virtuoso saxophone playing including a quasi-cadenza in the third movement. It employs a combination of tonal and atonal systems, and although written in an apparently conventional three movement form, I consider the work as a single continuous unit, reinforced by the fact that the beginning and the end form a type of prelude and postlude. It begins in a rather somber premonitory mood and basically reflects my reactions to unsettling world conditions and conflicts at the time. The second movement paints a dreamy picture of a less turbulent nature, but this somewhat more optimistic mood is not maintained, and at the end of the third movement it returns again to the somber mood of the opening. The postlude is made of the same material as the prelude but some changes have occurred. A lingering minor chord tries to close the work and at the very last moment is faintly transformed to a major sonority."