Milken Archive: Smit: Tzadik


Milken Archive: Smit: Tzadik
Amherst Saxophone Quartet, Leo Smit "Tzadik"
Susan Fancher, soprano
Russ Carere, alto
Stephen Rosenthal, tenor
Harry Fackelman, baritone

Leo Smit's "Tzadik" was composed for the ASQ in 1983.

Leo Smit writes: "The tzadik, who appeared in remote and isolated Jewish villages of Eastern Europe nearly 300 years ago, was the maker of wonders and miracles through his joyfully ecstatic music, suffusing the "soul of the Universe" with his divinely inspired song.

My Tzadik makes use of a variety of Jewish sources — an ancient Passover song of Babylonian origin, Kabbalistic chant, an Eastern Ashkenazic folk song, and a 19th century Russian melody. Towards the end of the piece, Mozart's birdman, Papageno, unaccountably joins in a village wedding dance, which is interrupted by fanfares of Shofars, a biblical trumpet made of a ram's horn. Tzadik ends with a return to the opening Kaddish, a prayer in memory of the dead. — Leo Smit"

Here's a link to purchase the CD on iTunes: Tzadik, Leo Smit, ASQ