Classical Music (Octet of Saxes and Strings) (1986), Nils Vigeland

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Classical Music (Octet of Saxes and Strings) (1986), Nils Vigeland
Year of Composition: 1986     Composed for the ASQ
Rondo Variations

Composer Biography

1950 —

Nils Vigeland was born in Buffalo, New York, and made his professional debut as a pianist with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra in 1969. He has maintained a dual career as both composer and performer. The founder of the Bowery Ensemble, a new music group which presents an annual series of concerts at Cooper Union, NYC, he gave the first performance with Eberhard Blum of Morton Feldman's For Christian Wolff at the Darmstadt Summer Course for New Music in the summer of 1985. Recent performances of his own music have included One Three Five by the Buffalo Philharmonic and Piano Concert by the Oslo Radio Orchestra.

Composition Notes

"When I am asked at times what kind of music I write and my questioner is not versed in the descriptive codewords of new music's many warring camps; the minimalists, the serialists, the new romantics, the never-went-away romantics, the eclectics, the avant-garde, the new wave, the art rockers, the meditationists, the new agers, the crossoverists, the academics, the conceptualists — it is difficult to find the right word to set someone straight. Difficult and frustrating. So I have written a piece with a title (fully aware of its import and without irony) that will allow me to answer this question with a clear conscience — I write classical music. Classical Music for string quartet and saxophone quartet was commissioned by the Chester String Quartet, the Mendelssohn String Quartet, and the Amherst Saxophone Quartet under the Consortium Commission Grant Program of The National Endowment for the Arts and is dedicated to those three ensembles." — Nils Vigeland


On Air Magazine

Two world-premiere compositions written especially for the renowned Amherst Saxophone Quartet make their television debut in this one-hour program filmed live at Rockwell Hall, the State University College at Buffalo. New are Storms, a chamber work by Michael Sahl, and Classical Music by Nils Vigeland. The saxophones are joined by the Chester String Quartet to form an exuberant octet rendition of Eubie Blake's Classical Rag. Allen Williams is producer.

CLASSICAL MUSIC IN CONCERT: The Amherst Saxophone and Chester String Quartets airs Wednesday, June 13, at 10 p.m. (and Thursday, June 14 at 3 p.m.) on Channel 17.