All Right Blues (1996), Russ Carere

All Right Blues is Russ's 13th original composition for the ASQ. Opening with an ascending gliss which instantly leads into a baritone solo, the piece immediately gets into the heart of what blues and improvising is all about. Following the baritone solo, the piece modulates up a 4th into the main theme, a crisp syncopated melody with anticipated silences. Next is the improvisation section. Each player gets his and her creative juices flowing, improvising a solo over standard blues changes. The length is determined by each player. After the solo section is finished, Russ's stylistic trademark is shown off by taking a melody and breaking it down into separate fragments passed around to each player. This can also be seen along with some interesting visual effects in the ASQ's new kids, video. The final section is a typical toe-tapping riff heard in many big bands. This intensifies with the addition of wailing soprano and tenor solos. The work finishes with a downward fall (opposite the opening gliss upward), purposely not resolving to any specific pitch, but left unresolved.