1992-93 Season Touring Schedule

ASQ flier

The Amherst Saxophone Quartet
Catch Them When They Play at Home!
September 16 , Tennessee
October 4, Nichols School, Buffalo, 7 pm
October 9-12, Minnesota
October 14, Wisconsin
October 16, South Carolina
October 17-18, Georgia
October 20-23, Nagoya, Japan
October 24, Gifu, Japan
October 25-28, Kanazawa, Japan
October 29-30, South Carolina
November 15-17, Florida
December 6, Nichols School, Buffalo, 7 pm
January 22-23, North Carolina
January 24-26, South Carolina
February 7, Nichols School, Buffalo, 7 pm
February 20, Pennsylvania
February 24-26, Pittsburgh Series
March 5, Connecticut
March 7-8, Maine
March 12-14, Alabama
March 23-25, Pittsburgh Series
March 28-30, Louisiana
April 25, Nichols School, Buffalo, 7 pm
April 27-29, Pittsburgh Series
May 4, Massachusetts
June 21, New York City

With 5 recordings, extensive touring, concerts at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, appearances on the Tonight Show, and national radio exposure, the Amherst Saxophone Quartet is one of Buffalo's best known exports. The ASQ celebrates its Fifteenth Anniversary Season by starting a concert series at Nichols School. The Series is held in the perfect chamber music setting of the Nichols Boocock Library. Each of the four concerts includes music of the Baroque Era, Classical, New Music, Jazz and Ragtime that has made the ASQ famous.

Amherst Sax Quartet: 1992-93 Season Touring Schedule