Quatuor, op. 122 (1942), Joseph Jongen

Quartet's Showmanship Dazzling

Works reviewed: 
Quatuor pour saxophones, op. 31, Jean Absil
Introduction and Capriccio (1981), Stephen Parisi
Quatuor, op. 122 (1942), Joseph Jongen
Sevilla, Isaac Albéniz
Introduction et Scherzo (1957), Robert Clerisse
Serenade Melancolique, Robert Clérisse
Lexington, VA
Nov 4 1987
James W.H. Stewart Jr.

"And here we go with another classical saxophone recital," tenor sax maniac Steven Rosenthal mock-solemnly intones, a seemingly matter-of-fact introduction. But, as a matter of fact, can you state the place, time of day, month and year when you last attended (let alone stayed awake at) a classical saxophone recital? You might be hard pressed to remember, unless you saw the Johnny Carson show in 1985 when the Amherst Saxophone Quartet unleashed its brand of impeccable musicianship and P.D.Q. Bach showmanship on insomniacs everywhere. Read more »

Amherst Quartet avoids all the potholes

Works reviewed: 
Concerto No. 1 BWV 592, Johann Sebastian Bach
Quatuor, op. 122 (1942), Joseph Jongen
Quartet No. 1 (1992), Stephen Parisi
Phantom Melos (1981), Rocco Di Pietro
All Blues, Miles Davis
Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY
Oct 31 1994
Herman Trotter

Fresh from a tour touching down in Erie, Pa., and Beaufort, S.C., during which they played to capacity audiences, the Amherst Saxophone Quartet returned to its home base on Sunday evening to do its bit for the opening festivities at the new UB Center for the Arts and was greeted by a sparse crowd estimated at less than a quarter of a house.

They offered, for the only time in this area, the same program with which they will tour all season. It was comprised of transcriptions, original works for saxes and the ensemble's signature closing mix of jazz and ragtime. Read more »

Sax quartet program offers rags, riches

Works reviewed: 
Quartet in F Major, K. 590, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
July (1995), Michael Torke
Saxophone Quartet, Lukas Foss
Quatuor, op. 122 (1942), Joseph Jongen
All Right Blues (1996), Russ Carere
Falconer Street, Russ Carere
Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY
Dec 5 1998
Herman Trotter

The Amherst Saxophone Quartet introduced its new soprano player, Susan Fancher, to the Buffalo audience in Holmes Chapel of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

They opened with the unscheduled "Two Bourrees" by Purcell, a sort of encore up front, whose festive ambience and bouncy rhythms demonstrated the big, blooming, resonant sound inherent in the chapel's very bright acoustics. Read more »

Quatuor, op. 122 (1942), Joseph Jongen

Buffalo News critic Herman Trotter reviewed the Quatour 0p.122 as follows, "The composer drew from a number of styles; big and bombastic, simple and folk like, and deftly jazz influenced." Jongen was one of the best known Belgian composers in the 20th century, writing some 241 works, but near the end of his life, applying severe standards of self-criticism, withdrew all but 137 pieces. We feel fortunate the Op. 122 survived.

Jongen, Joseph

1873 —

Jongen, Joseph (1873-1953), Belgian composer and organist, entered the Liege Conservatory at the age of seven. He showed an outstanding gift for organ improvisation, and began to compose at the age of 13. Jongen saw himself as an independent composer, though many important influences varied throughout his life. Up to Op. 30 (1906-07) Jongen's music recalls Franck, leaning towards a harmonic, rather than a contrapuntal basis. In about 1921, the influence of Debussy and Ravel become apparent.

Quatuor, op. 122 (1942), Joseph Jongen

Sax Quartets 1857 - 1977
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